HOOP – Round mirror wooden frame

Description [Versione italiana]

Round, wall mirror wooden frame obtained from a hoop. The ingenious hanging system is totally hidden. The round mirror is available in two dimensions. It is ideal for the bathroom and the entrance hall. It is a robust round mirror of high quality, which is the result of the special technique of folding in horizontal layers that is employed in the creation of wooden shell drums used for percussion instruments  (villadrums). The edge of the wooden rim containing the round mirror provides elegance and clean shapes. Drums, snare drums, and bass drums enter your home as objects of design and furnishings. The round mirror wooden frame is designed and produced in Italy. It is not conceived in large scale; rather it is the result of technology, accurate choices of materials, and craftsmanship. In each piece integrity and functionality are coupled the charming imperfection of the manual art work. In addition to the the round mirrors wooden frame, VILLAHOMECOLLECTION offers wooden round boxes (SCATOLE 80), round decorative wooden trays (ROMA, MACRAME’, BISANZIO, TEA, INNOCENT, SAO JORGE), round and oval wooden trays (LUNA, OVO, ECLISSE), squared trays in solid wood (MONDO), round or squared with rounded angles wooden laundry baskets (PINKETTA), round wooden lamps of various sizes (LAMPONDANOOR) and squared with rounded angles wooden lamps (LAMPADRA). Round and oval coffee and side tables (OH, OHVO, VH45) and bookcases in solid wood.

HOOP  round mirror wooden frame and the whole VILLAHOMECOLLECTION is free delivery and on sale in our outlet at via Jacopo Ruffini 27, Paderno Dugnano ( 20037 Milano). By appointment only. If you need more infos don’t hesitate to contact us

“Simplicity is not immediate but is reached by degrees”. Celebrating a heritage spanning almost 60 years, Milan-based family business Villa designs furniture and interior objects that take inspiration from the conceptual to create something beautifully simple. Aside from furniture  villahomecollection also crafts percussion instruments, a practice that has influenced the form and structure of their distinctively curved woodwork. The choice of form and shape is born within a long tradition of craftsmanship and artistic concepts based on our proprietary wood-bending technology but is also influenced by modern design concepts and the simplicity of Nordic style. Combining  traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, the VillaHomeCollection uses materials that allow for freedom, playfulness and creativity while producing lasting pieces for the home. Villa Home Collection’s designs are undeniably graceful, elegant and made to fit any space.





Sizes: diam 48 x h 4 cm - diam 73 x h 4 cm



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