PALLET – wood modular bookcase

Description [Versione italiana]

Maximum flexibility for this single or double width wood modular bookcase by using three elements: a base and two shelves of different dimension which allows variation in height and width. Made of laminate birch and either treated with water base paint or an ecological varnish which enhances the wood’s natural features. It can be hung on the wall or it can also serve as a partition between offices or design workspaces. Its modularity in fact allows a wide range of uses and makes it an ideal bookshelf for large or small living rooms. Moreover, thanks to its modularity, it is suitable for the children’s bedrooms. Another bookcase that could be of interest is GIOTTO, modular and coloured. VILLAHOMECOLLECTION also includes variousround, oval and square chest drawers of a unique design (BELLANTONIOBELLOVOMARCOVALDO); side tables and magazine racks to furnish with imagination and style every corner of the house (OH, QU,  OHVO,  SETTANTA,  MOLE,   MYPIL,  BENJAMINPAPILLON); wooden containers of various shapes and dimensions (LOLA,  QUADRELLA,  SWEDENSUOMI, PINKETTA, PINQUADRO, PINKOVO). The wood modular bookcase PALLET is part of a collection designed and produced in Italy, which is not conceived in large scale but it results from the combination of technology, accurate choices of materials, and craftsmanship. All this provides each piece with integrity and functionality coupled with the charming imperfection of the manual art work.

PALLET  wood modular bookcase and the whole VILLAHOMECOLLECTION is free delivery and on sale in our outlet at via Jacopo Ruffini 27, Paderno Dugnano ( 20037 Milano). By appointment only. If you need more infos don’t hesitate to contact us

“Simplicity is not immediate but is reached by degrees”. Celebrating a heritage spanning almost 60 years, Milan-based family business Villa designs furniture and interior objects that take inspiration from the conceptual to create something beautifully simple. Aside from furniture  villahomecollection also crafts percussion instruments, a practice that has influenced the form and structure of their distinctively curved woodwork. The choice of form and shape is born within a long tradition of craftsmanship and artistic concepts based on our proprietary wood-bending technology but is also influenced by modern design concepts and the simplicity of Nordic style. Combining  traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, the VillaHomeCollection uses materials that allow for freedom, playfulness and creativity while producing lasting pieces for the home. Villa Home Collection’s designs are undeniably graceful, elegant and made to fit any space.



Designer: ,

Sizes: Base: 85 x 30 x h10 cm. Modules: 85 x 30 x h24 / 36 cm.



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